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60s Fashion at the V&A

Went to the V&A after work as part of their late night opening on a Friday.

We found out when we got there that it was Bollywood Retro night and the place was heaving.

We wandered around until we found a sixties fashion exhibition.

The exhibition consisted of an array of glass cases with various mannequins dressed in sixties clothes.

I held my lens against the glass cases and took various shots.

Jamming the lens up against the glass meant that I could hold the camera steady for far longer than I could hand-held.

So I was able to shoot this at ISO 400 and therefore keep the noise levels down.

Also, I didn’t get any reflections as there was no light between my lens glass and glass case.

It’s a technique I use a lot in museums.

This was slightly darkened in post-processing to make the background completely black.

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