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1909 No 14

I attended the first week of my new Photography Course last Thursday.

With it being the first week I arrived about 40 minutes early and had to wait in the cafeteria to kill some time.

Just before the start time of 6 I went up to the room to find it locked and nobody else around.

After waiting just long enough to convince myself that I’d made some awful mistake and got the wrong time/day/college/town some more students arrived.

All we really needed at that point was a lecturer.

After another 5 minutes he arrived in a bit of a flap.

Long story cut short, the class was supposed to start at 6.30 but the Web site had the wrong time on it.

By then there were 5 of us in the class; a good number I thought, not too small, not too big.

But the lecturer then said another class would be joining us (or something like that) and there would in fact be 12 of us.

We then got to do our own introductions, something I’ve always found quite nerve-wracking but I got through it.

We then had a look around the studio (messy but seemingly well equipped) and the darkroom (I’ll have to sign up for their darkroom course if I want to use that) and we then listened as the lecturer discussed various facets of photography.

This mostly consisted of technical stuff; apertures, shutter speeds, raw files, sensor dust etc.

Although I was familiar with some of this stuff he didn’t dwell on any of it, just stated the facts and moved on.

When we each did our introductions people spoke about what they wanted from the course and many people (including me) expressed a desire to be given assignments to make us go out and shoot.

So, the lecturer will try to give us a small assignment each week.

The first week was to set your camera to Aperture Priority and to shoot some photos in raw mode.

Hmmm, I set my camera to shoot raw the moment I took it out of the box and have been shooting at Aperture Priority for a few years now.

Hopefully next week’s assignment will be a bit tougher. 🙂

As for the photos I went to Kew Bridge Steam Museum with some Flickr friends and took plenty of shots there (most of which were blurry or too noisy due to the low-level lighting inside).

The one above being my absolute fave of the lot.

I love old signs.

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