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It’s a Keeper!

Since I own (and shoot with) a bunch of film cameras of varying ability I was curious how many photos I took with each camera in 2008.

Luckily finding out this information is easy as after scanning my photos I import them into a database I wrote several years back.

So all I had to do was to query the database.

camera | shots -----------------------------+------- Olympus XA | 69 Agfa Isola I | 71 Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim | 96 Canon EOS 5 | 194 Yashica Mat-124G | 252 Olympus XA3 | 289

So this tells me how many photos I took per camera.

But I can go one better than this.

Because I use my database app to upload photos to Flickr I can track that too.

This acts as a sort of quality filter for each camera – the more photos I upload to Flickr from it, the better the camera right? 🙂

Munge these two sets of figures together in a spreadsheet and fancy it up a bit and I get a quality rating or “keeper ratio” for each camera.

This ratio is simply the percentage of photos from each camera that I upload to Flickr.

I’ve theorised before that each camera has a “keeper ratio” – the ratio of photos you class as “keepers” from each roll.

I also think that the more control you have when you take a shot the higher this ratio should be.

At the lower end of the scale you have the fixed focus, fixed shutter (Agfa Isola and Vivitar) cameras through the auto-exposure cameras (XA and XA3) to the full control cameras (Yashica Mat and EOS 5).

If my theory is correct then the cameras with more control would rate higher.

So, here are the numbers…

camera | ratio ----------------------------+------- Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim | 11% Canon EOS 5 | 13% Olympus XA | 16% Olympus XA3 | 16% Yashica Mat-124G | 24% Agfa Isola I | 25%

The Yashica Mat has a ratio of 24% which seems pretty high.

But look, it’s beaten by probably the lowest tech camera I own.

The Agfa Isola I!

A camera with three fixed focus settings, two apertures (f/8 and f/11) and a fixed shutter speed of 1/30s.

Theory blown!

I’m at a bit of a loss to explain those figures.

Must be some sort of statistical anomaly, will have to try again in a year’s time. 🙂

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